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- "The A.V.'s Only Drinking Water Source"-

- Drinking Water -

Swimming Pool Filling

We Are California Health Dept. Certified

and L.A. County Approved

***** click here to go to a current list of Licensed haulers at: www.cdph.ca.gov

- Swimming Pool Services -


Pools, ponds, we do it all! 

*Certified clean water ONLY


- Dust Control & Construction Services -


6x6 Construction Trucks For Hire, Special Events, Arenas, Movie Sets

* Hosting a rodeo?  Filming a movie?

* Our trucks are Cal Fire, Fire Marshall and L.A.County approved !!!



*All our 6x6 commercial grade trucks are Tier 4 Smog Emission Compliant, and approved for all job si

Commercial Services -

*Our fleet of 6x6 trucks are all Tier 4 Smog Emission Compliant and approved for all job sites! 

*Our technicians are knowledgeable professionals in their trade with years of experience!

*We are proud to contract with nationwide renowned companies such as Granite, Skanska, and Fisher Sand and Gravel, to name a few!


Residential Services -

*Potable drinking water delivery available to homes, shared wells and

Residential Services -

*Our 4,000 gallon potable drinking water vessels are constructed of all FDA approved food grade materials!

*We are California Department of Public Health licensed to deliver to all private homes, certified shared wells, OSHA governed places of employment, and Federal or State park systems! 

*We are also residents of the beautiful High Desert and love to serve our neighbors in our community!

- Environmentally Friendly -








- State Of California Department Of Public Health Certified -

License # 96094


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Potable water is safe, treated water for human consumption.  All Water haulers delivering to homes or shared well systems to homes MUST be licensed and approved by both the State of California Department of Public Health and the Los Angeles County Health Services.  All water hauling guidelines are set forth by both State of California Law and Federal Regulations.  All trucks must be certified FDA Food Grade in order to be licensed to perform these services.  This is for public safety to guard you against the possibility of contaminations.  All that the water touches and travels through to get from a hauling vehicle's storage into your home, is all constructed of Federal and State approved food grade materials, such as the food grade stainless steel tank, food grade certified water pump, food grade hoses, valves and fittings.  Food Grade materials are all approved non- toxic and non- absorbant.  All this material is regularly sanitized, tested, inspected and recorded by State Inspectors.  All regular water samples taken from trucks are tested for Total Coliform by a California or United States Environmental Protection Agency Certified Labratory.  These records are kept by the state and are mandatory for certifications to be valid.  All trucks used as food grade must be properly labeled and fitted with their Seal Of Approval, which is a sticker of registration placed on the water storage itself on the upper right hand rear of tank, showing the current calendar year.  Each individual truck's Vehicle Identification Number, or "Vin", and license plate, must be labeled in this manner whether the water hauling company has one or several trucks.  This Registration Sticker is for both the public's visual assurance as well as one method for Inspector's Identification. 

***Laws And Regulations Governing Water Haulers - Info To Know!

*State of California Law

Laws governing hauled water is published in the Health and Safety Code, Article 12, Section 111070 through 111198.  

*Federal Government - 

U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21

*California Department of Public Health, Food and Drug Branch

Licensing and Enforcing State Laws, Federal Regulations, and Department Policy

*Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Environmental Health Division - 

Los Angeles County Code, Title 28 and Title 11, Plumbing and Health and Safety Codes

PLEASE NOTE:  Potable vs. Non Potable -

There are many laws and regulations all water haulers must follow for the safety of the public and limiting illness and contamination.  POTABLE WATER is water that has been tested, treated, and is free of substances such as E.Coli or other forms of bacteria, and meets safety standards set by the state.  Licensed water haulers can only obtain drinking water from pre-approved and certified sources for their trucks and must prove current and proper licensing to obtain a contract with the water companies. 


NON POTABLE water hauling trucks are constructed of non food grade materials, and are intended for construction purposes only.  The trucks are open and exposed to the outside elements, unable to restrict the entrance of small animals, insects, dust, dirt and debris. Storage tanks, fittings, pumps and hoses are metal with rust, and harbor algae, mold and bacteria.  NON POTABLE trucks have no regulations, mandatory sanitation procedures, or any other accountability on any health and safety level, making it ILLEGAL to deliver to homes, shared well systems, businesses or structures for any purposes if there is ANY likelihood of human consumption.  Human consumption is defined by the Environmental Health Dept. as: 'Drinking, bathing, showering, cooking, dishwashing, and maintaining oral hygiene.'   This includes foods washed and prepared with this water.   NON POTABLE water haulers can obtain and use water from all sources including recycled, irrigation, reclaimed, grey or black (sewage) waters, only suitable for certain applications such as for dust control, construction, or fire prevention.  NON- POTABLE water is less expensive and easy to obtain. There are different types of water classifications treated for different applications.  Be sure to know what type of water you are getting, and from what type of hauling vehicle, delivering water to your home.  You have the right to know.  Be sure to know which companies are properly licensed by calling or visiting:

California Department of Public Health, Food and Drug Branch.  

(916) 650- 6500

A current list of licensed Potable Water Haulers can be seen here:

 www.cdph.ca.gov, or click the link below


Sadly, there are "water hauling companies" in our home of the Antelope Valley who are a part of an underground economy.  They have been unethical, untruthful, improperly advertising, and illegally selling and delivering water to people's homes or shared well systems, with total disregard for these laws and your family's safety.  Their non potable constrution trucks and /or water sources are unaccounted for and unregulated under the laws, and therefore cannot be licensed.  They have even claimed to be approved by state and county health officials to persuade unknowing customers that their business practices are acceptable, when it is not.  They claim to be honest and hard working with your best interests at heart.  If you are unsure of your water services, we urge you to confirm their legitimacy by researching, educating yourself and by asking questions. 


Here at Wendy's, we believe that obtaining proper licensing and working within the parameters of the health and safety regulations is the ONLY way to conduct an honest business that truly cares about our community.  We respect our clients and feel that consumers have the right to know what they are paying for and utilizing.  We are active in our community and attend local water board meetings to keep up to date on the issues our 'Water Adjudicated' valley is facing.  We consider ourselves a leader in our trade, ready to take on any challenges for ensuring our community members have access to clean, safe water.  Please call us if you have any questions or concerns about safe water, water hauling procedures, water or property rights and regulations.  

Thank you,


*** For More Info Please visit: www.cdph.ca.gov

- Testimonials / Reviews From Some Of Our Awesome Clients!

  • "If anyone needs water trucked up, these guys are the absolute best! I've used them twice now and each time was great! After calling about a hundred different companies, the first time these guys had the best prices by far, not to mention their customer skills are on point. I had a slight snafu setting up the pool and they were gracious enough to wait it out for me. I really can't say enough good things about these guys!"   - Erica S. 

  • "AMAZING!!   We have had the best experience with Wendy's Water.  They are all about making their customers happy!!  We are regular customers of theirs and have been using them for almost 2 years for their potable water service.  Thank you Wendy's Water for always taking care of us!!  I would recommend to anyone i know!!" - Courtney M.

  • "Thank you Wendy's Water for such great service and all with a smile!  We are so happy to have found you all.   You are local with good prices and quick service.  We happily recommend Wendy's Water.  They answer the phone or get back to you quickly,  the water is good and smells good, unlike the last company we used to use that smelled like fish.  Their trucks are clean, they are licensed, and that makes us feel confident in them.  Thank you Wendy's!"  -Elise T.










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